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Eddie C.

"Booster theme is a no brainer, we returned our investment the first day! Thanks to the Booster team who created an amazing tool!"

Xavier CL.

"What a great product! Thank you very much for everything. We almost doubled our conversion in the first 3 days."

John Duquette

"We now use Booster for all our agency clients and we save so much time! Amazing theme! Crazy fast and flexible!"

Done for you preset you
can install with 1-Click

Preset is an easy way to get you started and overcome the blank page syndrome. You can still edit everything after selecting a preset.

Built by Marketers.
Just like you!

Your theme is the first thing people see when they enter your Shopify store. Your theme should be part of your marketing efforts, not just your design. Make sure it converts well, because it’s the foundation of your store.

We spent over 5 years and $500K in optimization & development to make the best converting theme on the market.

Booster is now use by over 45,000 Shopify merchants worldwide. When we think about it, this theme started by solving our own needs and now it’s a complete all in one solution.

Marc and Justin - BoosterTheme

Saves you more than $281 /month on app fees

Stop paying all those app fees and load faster than ever while having less server requests and everything you need to monetize your traffic, directly integrated into your theme.

Boost Your Average Order Value

We’ve got the integrated apps you need to increase your average order value and boost sales in just a few clicks.

  • Upsells/Xsell

    Upsell is the best way to increase your AOV (average order value) without spending a dime more on advertising.

    Saves you $17/months

  • Frequently bought together

    Add Amazon-like Frequently Bought Together product bundle on your Shopify Store and increase your average order value quickly.

    Saves you $12/months

  • Recently seen & Recommended product

    Related Products will boost your sales dramatically by providing a user-tailored recommended offer based on Shopify AI.

    Saves you $9/months


Boost your store user experience!

Booster Theme comes with a suite of apps that will help you create the best experience for your customers.

  • Lookbook

    With Booster your customers can browse directly from a picture without having to search through collection. You can link as many products as you want on a single picture.

    Saves you $29/months

  • Geo personalisation

    Geolocation blocks and events allow you to use your visitor’s geoinformation inside the text and your scripts

    Saves you $49/month

People working on laptops


Fastest Shopify Theme

With its hyperfast loading time and clean design, Booster is the best theme for your Shopify store. You'll benefit from a better conversion rate and most importantly happier customers!

a Grade Perfect. Speed test result on GTMETRIX

99% Performance Milliseconds Norm. All of our testing and evaluation is done in milliseconds.

0.9S Loading time. Booster theme is the fastest theme on the market.

Reduced Server request All our apps are directly integrated into the theme coding

Run a Speed Test

We invested over $77,000 in Speed optimization in Booster theme since Version 5.0 to make sure it's the fastest theme on the market.

Built for performance

Every aspect of Booster is optimized for speed and performance without a single modification necessary from your side.

Everything is built-in by us. No outdated dependencies or bloat.
Automatic Image Optimization
Booster serves your images in the most optimized quality based on the screen and element size.
Modular Javascript
Only load and serve what's needed, removing the bloat.
Optimized interaction
We use CSS to trigger some of the interactions you see, avoiding the need for Javascript completely.

A product page designed for conversions

We are experts in conversion optimization and we know how to make your store convert. Booster Theme have the best Product Page on Shopify, you can create an amazing product page without any coding skills or design experience necessary.

“I have been enjoying this theme, it is simple and fast compared with other shopify themes.”

Jennifer, Shopify merchant in USA
Inbox user interface

Increase Conversion with Geo-personalized content

Boost your conversion rates with a geo-targeted experience that’s personalized to each visitor. With Booster Theme, you can create and manage geo-blocks on your website in seconds.

Boost your sales easily

We know how important it is for you to have a successful store so we've made sure to include all the sales increasing tools necessary for your success.

Cart Countdown

This increases urgency and encourages visitors to purchase now before it's too late.

Saves you $12/month

Facebook messenger

It lets customers contact you directly from within the app they already use to message their friends.

Saves you $6/month

Inactive tab message

The inactive tab message will attract back your customers attention to come back on your store after they left.

Saves you $11/month

Mega menu

Our mega menu feature will help you organize your content and make it easier for users to find what they're looking for.

Saves you $14/month

Description tab

It’s a great way to make sure that visitors can find information they need quickly and easily in your product page.

Saves you $5/month

Sticky add to cart

Make sure that your purchase button is always accessible on your product page. It’s a simple, yet effective way of increasing conversions and sales on any website.

Saves you $13/month

Quick buy

With our quick buy option, customers can purchase products without waiting for pages to load - so they never miss out again!

Saves you $12/month

GDPR cookie box

Our theme includes Gdpr cookie bar directly integrated into the theme coding to avoid unnecessary apps server request for it.

Saves you $9/month

Built for mobile

Built and optimized
for mobile

Over 72% of Shopify traffic is on mobile. With Booster, you can display different content if a user is on mobile or desktop. Giving you a true Mobile-Optimized Store.

The #1 Converting Shopify theme
trusted by +45,000 stores

Customer Satisfaction
Conversion increase
In saved app fees

Take back control of your store. Turn your Shopify store into a persuasion machine.

Design by
screen size

Create fluid customer experiences for widescreen, laptop, tablet, and mobile screen sizes.

  • Beyond your standard mobile optimization made to convert visitors into customers.
  • Scoped section CSS Easily modify any sections to fit your needs without limitations.
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Cutting edge optimizations

Designed by Shopify conversion experts, Booster will convert more visitors into customers.

  • Multitabs sync

    Booster theme is the only multi-tab, variant and feature, synced theme that will help you create an interactive and engaging shopping experience. All actions that your visitors do in your store create an events.

    Unique in Booster UX +67%

  • Shipping estimator

    Increase user experience by giving them an ETA of when their package will arrive with Booster Theme!

    Saves you $10/month

  • Shop security

    Booster Theme protects your store against all right-click options so that no one can steal your images or text from your site. You’ll never have to worry about someone copying you again!

    Saves you $9/month

  • Free shipping bar

    Boost your sales by having a minimum order amount to get free shipping. This app will incentivize customers to buy more items to receive free shipping, which means they’ll spend more money with you.

    Saves you $5/month

Our customers love our theme


Don't just take our word for it, read from our extensive list of customer testimonials.

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“Simply amazing support, they really are here to help. The product is first class too, with great features. Always updated and easy to implement.

Regan Young

I’m really enjoying the theme and the way it is set up. Plus the customer support has been amazing! Worth it and I highly recommend.

Chelsea Luthy

Quicker speed on site which is critical for improved google ranking. Easy to implement with drag and drop features and components that make up the theme have helped save money and website space required to download other apps that do the same thing.

Thomas Langford


Everything you need to convert your visitors.

Direct to checkout
Shorten your sales process by giving the choice to your customer to go directly to checkout. Proven to boost sales in most cases.

Saves you $7/month

Automatic free gifts
Get more customers leads by offering a Free gift on your store. Booster automatically detects Free + Shipping items and replace the Buy Now button for a Free Gift button.

Saves you $15/month

GEO IP language detector
This will detect your customers country and translate it into appropriate language. Ideal you are selling internationally.

Saves you 24$/month

GEO IP Currency converter
This will convert all of your prices into appropriate currency. Ideal you are selling internationally.

Saves you 10$/month


On a mission to create the most sustainable theme.

Booster is the only theme on the market with at heart our mother earth. Boosting your Shopify store's output by 79% less polluting than the industry average, Booster will help you be a better citizen of this planet and create more sales without any environmental harm!

CO2/page view
Tree planted
Clean & sustainable

Simple no-tricks pricing

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

Yearly access

You'll have access to Booster Theme, all its updates and support for as long as you have an active subscription.

What's included

  • Everything listed on this site

  • All the Booster theme apps (worth $3372/year)

  • Unlimited updates

  • Support 24/5

Best for startups

$249 per year

Lifetime access Best seller

Your license comes with unlimited updates and a year’s worth of support. For a small one-time payment, you can use Booster Forever.

What's included

  • Everything listed on this site

  • All the Booster theme apps (worth $3372/year)

  • Unlimited updates

  • One year of technical support

Pay once, own it forever

$399 $799

Frequently asked questions

Is Booster theme now a one time fee?

Booster reviewed all their packages and added a one-time fee package for people who prefer it, including 1 year of technical support and unlimited updates. After this year, you can decide whether you still want to continue receiving technical support for a small fee of $99/year. Customer support is always free no matter which package you've purchased.

Can I use my store license on more than one store?

A Booster theme license can be installed on only one store (.myshopify.com) at a time. You are free to transfer your Booster license to a different store of your own at any time using our license management panel, but you are not permitted to transfer or sell the theme to anyone else.

Do you guys give refunds?

Booster theme comes with a 14 days guarantee. If you don't like our product, just contact our support team and they'll issue you a refund.

How long do you respond to support inquiries?

Our average reply time is usually less than 12 hours, but please allow for 1-2 business days for a response. Our support team is primarily based in the Eastern European Timezone and is available during standard business hours, Monday to Friday.

What is the difference between Booster theme and other theme?

Well, this one would take a while to explain all the differences... But to make it short, instead of developing 10-15 themes like other developers does, we decided to put ALL of our energy on only one theme and make it the best.

Am I allowed to resell my Booster theme?

Under no circumstances you are allowed to resell the Booster theme without a written authorization from our CEO. We reserve the right to revoke your license forever and take legal actions if you do not respect this policy.

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