Fully compatible with Shopify OS2.0

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$1.75 EPCs (Our top affiliate is at $19.84 EPCs - Hot traffic)
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Commission Structure

Default Commission starts out at 20% and
we offer up to 30% depending on volume affiliates.

Volume affiliate

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Just reach out to our affiliate team partners@boostertheme.com for a commission bump request and we’ll see if you qualify for 30% commission. You must have sales with us to qualify for a commission bump.

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Affiliate Terms Of Service

**ATTENTION AFFILIATES - Please read each rule thoroughly before promoting Booster Theme. Any affiliate caught breaking our rules will be banned immediately!

Affiliates are NOT allowed to run any PPC brand campaigns!

Absolutely NO bidding on any Booster Theme branded keywords. Our team checks EVERY major search engine and social media platform regularly so please don’t test us, if caught brand bidding your commission will be set at 0%.

Affiliates are NOT permitted to use terms such as “scam” and “fraud” in their review articles, social media posts, or pages about Booster Theme.

Affiliates are strictly forbidden from creating web pages, social media pages, or accounts that falsely represent themselves as the owners or creators of Booster Theme.

Affiliates can NOT collect payments or sell Booster Theme from other websites as a "reseller".

Affiliates are NOT authorized to sell products claiming to be Booster Theme or promote Booster Theme on retail sites such as eBay, Amazon, or any sites that fall into the category of retail sites.

Again, our team checks EVERY major retail site regularly. So please, don’t try to be slick. If caught infringing those affiliates terms your commission will be set at 0%.