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Learn how using Booster Theme to build your clients’ site will save you time, give you amazing flexibility and add lifetime recurring income to your bottom line!

Why Booster Theme?

Booster is a theme that gives our users the flexibility they need by giving them complete control over how their store looks and feels, while still having all of the tools at hand for marketing with SEO practices and Speed optimization in mind. We created something different - an improved experience you can count on when it comes time to grow the business of your customers!

  • 30% Commission

    Earn 30% lifetime recurring commission for each client you refer.

  • Free Dev license

    Free development license to test out Booster theme in your own environment.

  • Slack Support

    Connect to our internal team with the priority agency support via Slack.


Less development

Start designing quickly using the Booster theme installer

  • Less optimization

    Every aspect of Booster is optimized for speed and performance without any modification necessary from your developers.

  • Better mobile optimization

    Have control over what you want to show on mobile.


Ready to increase your customers sales?

Frequently asked questions

Can I test Booster Theme?

Yes, by becoming a preferred partner you will have access to a free testing license.

How does the commission structure work?

You get a 30% lifetime commission of every store you build for clients using Booster. (If the customer renew Updates and support package you get 30% again)

If I have a question, will I be supported?

Yes, as a preferred agency partner you will have access to our dedicated agency support.

I know Booster already. How do I become a preferred partner?

You can Apply Here to become a preferred partner.

Is Booster theme now a one time fee?

Booster reviewed all their packages, and now is a one-time fee, including 1 year of support and updates. After this year to continue receiving updates and support you can decide wether you still want or not to continue receiving support and updates.

What happens after the year of updates and support is ended?

Your license comes with a year’s worth of updates & support. Once that year is up, you can keep using the last version of Booster you downloaded, forever.